Angelique Bohbot
Founder & Creative Director

Angelique Bohbot is at the origin of the creation of ICREALAB.

Angelique was the creative director on events and campaigns for Ed hardy, SWIY, Vogue Spain, kaporal, NYDJ, Statement and and many other brands.  She acts as artistic director, but also on brand strategy at the heart of the company.

Her energetic character helps her manage the teams, coaches them, and motivates them. Her sense of relationship allows her to create bonds on which confidence rests. She is grateful for the work of others, and easily identifies someone's skills. Thus, She adapts to her projects with ease.
Passionate since her young age on fashion, she gives birth to her ideas in the form of projects. Starting from words only, she visualizes images that she concretizes into concept. The desire to bring a vision to brands and to share it is part of her daily life. An atypical and endearing character, Angelique has a very precise perception of life. Open-minded, she sees things from different angles and thus spreads forward her philosophy.

Ashley Theimer
Co-Founder & Producer

Ashley has years of well-rounded experience in the fashion industry and in event planning.  She has valuable experience in luxury and contemporary fashion, with the ability to translate global trends into ready-to-wear and couture collections. She has masterfully worked behind the scenes casting global talent in advertising campaigns for clients such as Teen Vogue, LA Fashion Week, Fashion Week Paseo, Palm Spring Life Magazine, Adolfo S, Jessica Obilom, 7 For All Mankind, NYDJ, Statement, Karen Kane, and Mode Magazine. She oversees the many teams of innovative designers and developers with her fresh approach to creative thinking as she explores new avenues to deliver successful brand strategy solutions, communications platforms and dynamic user experiences that leverage forefront technologies. She is known for being able to bring any idea to life and has clear direct organization skills. Ashley has a burning passion for every job she touches.